Ever wished you knew what your client was thinking?  Ever wondered why your clients
sometimes "drop off" or do not return?  Ever wondered how you could maximize your
potential with the least amount of effort?  

Have you ever considered learning the fine art of "reading people"?

Jeffrey Aaron guides you through the fascinating concepts of personality typing and how
your specific personality can help (or hinder) your quest for success and
financial freedom in the beauty industry!

Are you ready to feel a sense of empowerment like never before?

This course will teach you a lot about yourself, your friends, co-workers, clients and even
more about how YOU are uniquely programmed to achieve massive success!

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Author:  Jeffrey Aaron
Course 1:  Know Thyself
Course 2:  Salon Fundamentals
Jeffrey Aaron is hiring!

Meet Laura.  She's a young stylist looking to work at a busy salon and has applied to work
for Jeffrey Aaron Salons (and today is interview day)!

Follow Lauras' journey as Jeffrey Aaron guides this young stylist and illustrates the critical
habits every salon professional must know in order to achieve long term financial success
and personal fulfillment within the beauty industry.

Engaging, inspiring and motivating.  
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Author:  Jeffrey Aaron
Course 3:  Consultations 101
Laura is back and ready to learn how standardizing the consultation process leads to
increased guest satisfaction, more service revenue and higher client retention.

Learn how to create a consultation that puts you in the "drivers seat" and will inspire your
clients to say "yes" to the services you feel they should have.

This course is a MUST for stylists' with less than 10 years in the beauty business.

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Author:  Jeffrey Aaron
Contact:  HairdresserU@gmail.com
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