Jeffrey Aaron streams LIVE 5 days per week, from Tuesday through Saturday EST.

Hours may vary.

Jeffrey will walk all viewers step-by step through each service he provides to his
(with their permission).  Jeffrey will describe in detail the specific products, techniques
and methods he uses to deliver fantastic results behind the chair.

It's a wonderful opportunity to learn new and exciting techniques as viewers will see the
entire service from beginning to end!

Join us daily as Jeffrey demonstrates and teaches a wide variety of services including:

Blow-drying (including signature techniques)
Dry haircutting
Consultations (first time and returning guests)
Color formulation
Color-matching for extension services
Double-process color
Foil highlighting
Hair extension application
Hair extension removal
Hair analysis
Preparing the hair prior to service
Scalp analysis
Wet haircutting

In addition to illustrating the above technical services, Jeffrey will also demonstrate to
viewers how to incorporate and share critical industry-specific information with clients in
order to drive loyalty and sales with each visit:

Chemistry of the hair and scalp
Hair product chemistry
Hair color chemistry
Powerbooking (Upselling)
Re-booking clients
Retail sales to clients

Last but not least,  Jeffrey will also simplify and guide you through difficult and
little-understood topics that impact the overall health and provide a barometer of your
success behind the chair:

Advertising vs. Marketing (they are not the same!)
Average ticket
Business +/- to L.Y.
New guest count
Sales vs. Promotions
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